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Now available for our patients: EMBRACE non-invasive genetic study of the embryo

What is the Embrace?

The recent identification of free embryonic DNA in the culture medium has opened a new era of possibilities for the non-invasive detection of embryonic aneuploidy in assisted reproduction treatments.

The new non-invasive test prioritizes the transfer of those embryos with the greatest probability of being chromosomally normal, without the need for an embryo biopsy, increasing the chances of achieving pregnancy with a healthy baby, minimizing failed transfers at a lower price than traditional PGD.

For which patients is EMBRACE indicated?

EMBRACE is for all patients who want to increase their chances of pregnancy without using invasive techniques.

Any patient who decides to undergo a treatment in which the fertilization of their oocytes is carried out in the laboratory, In Vitro Fertilization, Method ROPA, Egg donation, Testicular biopsy and want to optimize the results.
The main benefits included in the test are:

  • It is a non-invasive solution that favors a safer and more effective IVF treatment.
  • Reduces the number of cycles and therefore the time needed to achieve a pregnancy
  • It makes it possible to avoid embryo biopsies and reduce the cost, which will facilitate its use in a greater number of women.


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