Fertility Preservation

The Preservation of Fertility — Vitrification

En Azul Fertility Experts We have the technology that allows us to give you the opportunity to preserve your fertility. In healthy people, not necessarily infertile, who for work, personal, social or circumstantial reasons decide to postpone their maternity and/or paternity.   

Also in patients who must undergo treatments that may compromise their fertility, they can preserve their gametes in advance.

In this sense, there is a diversity of neoplastic processes that can affect the life of women: lymphomas, melanomas and cancer of the gynecological area.

Ovarian tissue is highly susceptible to many of the drugs used as cancer therapies, which is why by giving the patient all the necessary emotional support, we can carry out a vitrification treatment so that once cured, she can use the ovules and achieve be a mother.

Our fertility cryopreservation techniques can also be used by men, since they could suffer from some type of neoplasia or any other condition that requires freezing their gametes.

En Azul Fertility Experts We provide all our support, guidance and guarantee optimal treatment with the shortest waiting time and without detriment to your illness so that in the future you can enjoy your fatherhood and/or motherhood.

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