Safety and total traceability in your fertility treatment

En Azul Fertility Experts, our security system allows us to guarantee our patients, throughout their assisted reproduction treatment — from the first consultation to embryo transfer or insemination — safe tracking and identification of each of their samples, since in ALL processes nothing is left to chance.

All laboratory processes lead to the execution of different stages, in all of them a double check is carried out where there are two people who independently confirm the correspondence of the samples to guarantee the identification and traceability of all of them and thus obtain the results. desired results.

Throughout the entire treatment, all the plates and/or sample tubes from the same patient are identified with the same code, so that their identity can be verified in each phase (ovarian puncture, fertilization, embryo transfer and freezing).

Samples from different patients never coincide in the same work zone. Each patient has their unique position assigned in the different incubators throughout the process, thus allowing completely safe monitoring of the entire treatment, offering an extraordinary safety guarantee.

Your eyes don't see it, the embryos feel it

Security Guarantees

  • We monitor each patient and their samples with individualized codes, increasing their security.
  • We identify the patient unequivocal in tubes or plates.
  • We guarantee that the sample used is always the one provided by the patient.
  • We control the workload of each biologist to prevent hypothetical errors due to excessive workload.

Double check

We have a great team of professionals working in our IVF laboratory, which allows us to carry out double checking or double checking. This is important because we can guarantee that there is always a double supervision of each critical point of the process, such as: 

Oocyte retrieval

• Training of semen

• Handling of oocytes and embryos in the passage from one plate to another

• Insemination 

• Microinjection 

• Embryo transfers

• Cryopreservation

The double check allows for great security in the traceability of the entire process.

laboratory security systems Azul Fertility Experts

Laminar flow cabinets: sample safety

All samples in our IVF laboratory are processed in laminar flow cabinets, that is, cabinets with a continuous horizontal air current that prevents any particles that might be in the air from coming into contact with the sample and contaminating it.

Likewise, in the case of samples from patients with infectious diseases, type II A safety cabinets guarantee this safety for both the samples and the biologist. These are cabins that combine horizontal laminar flow with vertical air flow, to prevent any particle from reaching the biologist. In addition, in both types of cabinets, HEPA filters located in the upper part filter the air to avoid contamination of both the sample and the personnel.

Temperature control by security alarm

In our laboratory, there is an external alarm system calibrated in such a way that minimal variations are remotely monitored 24/7 by the clinic staff, this ensures that we control the temperature in our incubators and liquid nitrogen banks, way yes  If there is a fluctuation in the basal temperature at which the samples must be maintained, it would notify us by radio alarm to carry out its recalibration.

Oxygen and nitrogen control

The rooms where the nitrogen banks are located have oxygen level detectors in case there is any nitrogen leak and the oxygen level drops, for the safety of the worker, since a low oxygen atmosphere would be dangerous.

 Air Control of the IVF Laboratory

In our unit we have an air purification system, which constantly renews it to maintain the environmental environment (temperature, humidity, air flow and air filtering) suitable for embryonic development. At the same time, we record each parameter daily and every minute, indicating the condition of the air in the laboratory, generating an external alarm in case any of the parameters is not within its range. 

  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • amount of CO2
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • suspended particles
  • Air quality
  • Formaldehyde


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