Our philosophy is to give a personalized and appropriate treatment to the case of each couple/person. We want to accompany you in this important life decision, which is why we offer you the best options in assisted reproduction techniques to make your dream of being a father or mother come true.

In Vitro Fertilization

IVF is a technique that allows us to fertilize an egg with a sperm outside the uterus

Artificial insemination

Introduction of a semen sample, either from the partner or from a donor, into the woman's uterus

Bank of Sperm, Eggs and Embryos

Gamete bank. Laboratory technique to freeze eggs, sperm and embryos to be used in subsequent cycles

Testicular Biopsy

TESA. Extraction of sperm from testicular tissue through minimally invasive surgery.

Egg Donation

Assisted reproduction treatment in which the female gamete is provided by a woman other than the one who will receive the resulting embryo

ROPA method

Technique for homoparental families where both participate in the process, one provides the ovules through ovarian stimulation and the other receives the embryo to gestate the pregnancy


It is a non-invasive solution that favors a safer and more effective IVF treatment.

Fertility Preservation

Obtaining and preserving gametes for the postponement of maternity or paternity, avoiding their deterioration over time

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Before treatment

Currently, thanks to assisted reproduction techniques, it is possible to achieve pregnancy after a tubal ligation. In general, patients choose to perform an In Vitro Fertilization procedure before a reversal of surgery due to the high complexity of the latter.

In the case of men, performing a vesectomy leads to the interruption of the vas deferens, the place where sperm travel. Depending on the number of years after your surgery, a simple technique known as Fresh Testicular Biopsy is more recommended, with which we can obtain a sperm sample to produce embryos with your partner's egg.

How is it logical to start a treatment can bring with it an anguish for something new, new terms and experiences unknown to you. At Azul Fertility our medical and nursing staff are at your disposal every day of the year to clarify any doubts, how do I apply the drug, what time should I apply it, can I drink alcohol during treatment, what vitamins do I take. The purpose is to achieve your pregnancy and together we will achieve it.

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during treatment

Ovarian stimulation represents the beginning of an artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization protocol. It consists of the subcutaneous or oral administration of certain medications whose purpose is to produce a uniform and symmetrical growth of your ovules. Your doctor will explain the dose and method of administration, it is very easy and we are here to guide you.

During ovarian stimulation we have to have a normal rhythm of life but with certain considerations. A healthy life is recommended in which you dedicate time to meditation and positive thoughts to remove possible fears or doubts that you may have. The ovarian stimulation pattern is very "friendly" and should not represent a very significant change in your state of mind or mood, it may be similar to the changes you experience during your menstrual cycle.

We recommend practicing very low impact sports for relaxation purposes in the initial phases of the process.

The vitamins and supplements that are specific to your case, your doctor will indicate and recommend.

In general, the medications used are subcutaneously and are intended to make several of the follicles present in your ovaries grow and mature.

after treatment

As a general rule, the period of beta waiting involves moments of certain stress. The quantitative blood pregnancy test is performed 14 days after artificial insemination and a little less in the case of an embryo transfer at the blastocyst stage (day 5 post fertilization).

After a human reproduction treatment loaded with strong emotions, he must lead a normal life. We recommend having a balanced diet, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol, sleeping well, avoiding high-impact sports and having a positive and clear mind that everything you have done has been done well.

At Azul Fertlity we manage a concept that is based on mind, body and soul. All connected to each other and with the purpose of achieving such a long-awaited dream.